2019 Eco Art fest!

MoRivCC is holding it's annual EcoArt Fest at Cooper's Landing on Saturday, September 7th and 8th!

It will be a two-day celebration of local art, music and river culture.

We're looking for artists, musicians and performers of all types and ages.

We are also looking for musicians and performers who would like to play either day, all performances will be recorded and archived by MORivCC.

To get in touch, please contact us through the form below!


Reserve a spot!

Artists/Vendors can reserve a 10'x10' booth spot with or without electricity for just $25 for both days. Yes, you can split the space with someone else or each take a different day for the same price. We are going to put more emphasis on education this year so if you practice an art and are willing to demonstrate and/or teach your craft please let us know. You can download registration forms on this page or fill out the contact form with any questions you have.

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How would you like to participate in EcoArtFest 2019?