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Recording and preserving the local arts of the Missouri River region

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Missouri River Cultural Conservancy

The MoRivCC Vision Plan is here for your review. Take a look at our plans for the next few years and let us know how you would like to contribute. One easy way: the MoRivCC Planning Blog.

Mission Statement:
"The Mission of the Missouri River Cultural Conservancy is to document, record, archive, and foster awareness of the unique history and culture of the central Missouri River region."

You can help capture and archive the culture of this area. All it takes is a little of your time. We need volunteers to do video and audio recording and editing, or help us manage concerts and exhibitions. Don't know how? That's the best part. We'll train you! You can give to your community, learn some useful new skills, and have a great time.

Please consider donating to help preserve our region's rich cultural heritage! Simply click the "DONATE" button to the left.

We have an office in the Stephens Lake Building at 2100 East Broadway, Suite 100, Columbia, Missouri, 65201. Our entrance is on the East side of the building. Lower level. The office is not always open so make an appointment if you want to visit.

Contact us - 573-657-1019 or
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Upcoming Events

Sun, Feb 12 201710am Board Meeting at the MoRivCC office. Anyone who is interested may attend.
Sun, Feb 19 20171:00-4:00 pm MoRivCC Vintage Video Show from the years 2008 to 2012 at the Boone County Historical Society Museum and Galleries.
Sun, Mar 12 201710:00am Annual Board Meeting and Election of Officers at the MoRivCC office. Volunteers and guests are welcome.

Our Top Volunteers

(Total hours worked)
Mike Cooper2972
Pippa Letsky2000
Madeleine Lightfoot1316
Mike Robertson1233
Michael Stacy363
Anna Duff305
Liz Mitchell300
gary hildebrandt244
Rhonda Cleeton140
Louise Sloan138
Hilary Scott120
Darren Hellwege104
Keith Fletcher100
Patti Farrar100
Jeff Wheeler100
John Clark90
Kierah Anna Cash82
phyllis kmiec40
Art Gerhard34
Bill Roe30
Michele Cordray20
Priya Jacobson14
Pam Forbes12
Suzanne Cooper10
Michael Cochran1
Tomi Greentree1